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Village Gateways

In 2109 Crawley Parish Council began the process to install decorative gates on each of the four main entrances into the village. These installations are known to calm traffic speeds in rural locations and have been recommended by Winchester City Council and the Highways Authority.  Licences were approved at the end of 2019.


Traffic Assessment

A traffic assessment was undertaken in 2017 as below.

Speed studies were undertaken at the four gateways on the approaches into the village and also at four locations inside the village: at the Village Hall, the burial ground, The stretch of road beyond the steep hill and bend leaving the Village towards Littleton, and in Hacks Lane. The data collected can be summarised as follows.

  1. The Village Hall; 500-600 vehicles pass daily with average speeds of 25mph and very few incidents of speeding.
  2. In Hacks Lane volumes were much lower with an average speed of 18mph and no speeding.
  3. At the burial ground there are daily volumes of 300 – 400 vehicles, the average speed being 30mph, with some exceeding 45mph.
  4. The stretch of road beyond the steep hill and bend leaving the Village towards Littleton,average speeds were 33mph, but again many high speeds were recorded, some over 50mph.

At the gateways the volumes, average speeds and incidents of speeding are much higher.  The fastest stretches of road are the routes in and out the Village towards Stockbridge and Littleton.

The traffic group are continuing to consider the data, and what measures could be taken to address any issues


Summary of Traffic Assessment

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Traffic Group Crawley Parish Council Interpretation of Data Collected 20170920

Traffic Observation Assessment – Ampfield Traffic Consultants


Traffic Data

This link helps explain what the data means

Understanding the traffic survey data

Village Locations

The Homestead, opposite Village Hall On Bus Stop os Homstrad Jun 2017

Hacks Lane Hacks Lane 30mph sgn Crawley Jun 2017

Burial Ground 30mph sign nr Church Yard Crawley Jun 2017

Road beyond the steep hill and bend leaving the Village towards Littleton Winchester Rd on Wrng Sgn Bend July 2017

Village Gateways 

Stockbridge Road Gateway  30mph Gateway Folly Road Crawley Jun 2017

Rack & Manger Road Gateway Rack & Manger Rd on 30mph sgn Crawley Jun 2017

Andover Road Gateway Andover Road on 30mph Gtwy Crawley Jun 2017Winchester Rd 30mph Gateway July 2017

Littleton Road Gateway 30mph Gateway Folly Road Crawley Jun 2017 Winchester Rd 30mph Gateway July 2017