Crawley Village Parish Council, Hampshire

Minutes – 4 August 2014

December 31st, 2014,



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held at Crawley Village Hall on Monday 04 August 2014



Mr F Fratter

Mrs C Phillips (Chairman)

Dr T Willsher

Tim Anderson

Mrs S Frewin (Clerk)

Also present: C Horrill


PSCO Kerry Croutear, Mrs H Stewart, Cllr P Bailey, Alison Carey, David Barnard






The minutes of the previous meeting 27 May 2014, having been previously circulated, were agreed and duly signed as a true record. Proposed by CP seconded by FF



See Annex C and Police Report attached.



Caroline Horrill advised that she had completed her training at WCC and had her first full council meeting. She reported on the following:

Local plan part 1 was approved earlier in the year. This is the framework on the planning document for the local area. She suggested that the councillors look at the plan online as this will go towards the plan part 2.

The Silverhill development in Winchester (the redevelopment of the bus station area and Friars Gate area of Winchester.) is under discussion as the plans submitted 17 years ago do not reflect the current need of Winchester.

She is on the Barton Farm Forum, if the PC have any comments from Crawley, she can forward this for us. Fred said he is worried about the increase of the traffic through Crawley into Winchester once this development goes ahead.

Following the APM, she investigated the grass-cutting regime at Hacks Lane and Cricket Close and advised there will be a review of the contract in the Autumn and now is a good time to put ideas in. Cricket Close should be cut 9 times a year. The top of Hacks Lane is only cut twice a year in May and September. Carole asked if the Hacks Lane could be cut 9 times too whilst Cricket Close is being done. It was agreed that the lengthsman could cut the verges in the 30moh zones when needed.

There has been a complaint about lorries coming through the village and she is following this up.

Sarah Pickup wishes to put a Bench up by the Church in memorial of her parents. Caroline is trying to sort this out on her behalf, as the land in question is owned by WCC



14/01606/FUL 12 Hacks Lane: Re-submission for removal of existing detached garage, two storey side extension incorporating new garage, alterations to the roof and installation of new wood burner. The Cllrs consider the plans are appropriate for the village scene and fully support the application.

The Cllrs were disappointed that the application reference 14/01444/FUL 1 Manor Cottages passed without taking into consideration the objections raised by the PC. Caroline Horrill agreed to look at why this plan was permitted even though the PC objected to it; the reason stated on line was that pre application advice was sought.

The Cllrs discussed at length the plans that Sparsholt College have submitted for the wind turbine. Sparsholt PC will be objecting and Caroline will get the Clerk to e-mail the comments to Crawley PC. The Cllrs agreed to object on grounds of consultation and visual impact. Failure to consult with Crawley PC as a neighbouring parish during the pre consultation process and visual impact (size) in a rural designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

Caroline also mentioned that the college are putting a bio digester plan in soon and they are intending to ship in the material required to run this which could result in a huge traffic influx in the immediate area of lorries and or tractors depositing waste. Caroline will send it onto Crawley when they receive it so Crawley PC can comment.



Financial Statement (Annex A): The Clerk read the financial statement as at 31 August 2014 and Cllr Fratter circulated the budget statement. With adjustment to take into account the approval given for the payment of bills the financial statement is attached at Annex A.


  1. RISK ASSESSMENT: Form passed to Tom for the playground. SF will inform all councillors when individual risk assessments are due.


  1. WEB SITE:

The Website will be up and running soon. Heather and Carole are working on this together.


  1. Rural Housing Review

Carole asked the PC if they wished to have low cost housing in Crawley following the recent review by HALC. It was agreed that due to the lack of infrastructure in Crawley to support any new housing, the PC do not wish to ask for it to be reviewed by HALC.



Job for next time to take out the wooden posts in the playground that are rotten – clerk agreed to go up and look at it before 06 October with the lengthsman.




  1. Roads and verges – No report
  2. Mowing and Burial Ground – The agreed budget for mowing is almost spent and Fred reminded councillors that the Cricket Club have agreed to pay for bills outside of budget.
  3. Footpaths- All paths are very overgrown but the farmers are busy with cutting the fields at the moment.
  4. Buses and signs. No report
  5. Pond – Tim advised that there is a possibility that the ponds at New Barn Farm will be able to donate some of its pondweed and lily pads to the village pond. This would help with the oxygen levels in the pond. Tim is in discussion with Sparsholt College to check it is ok for the ducks first.
  6. Playground – Tom has spoken to Sacha Sharman who has agreed to take on fundraising for the project and can be contacted on She has agreed to look at lottery fundraising for the zip wire, Tom is still looking at WDALC Melissa Fletcher for a grant and will follow this up.
  7. Cricket Club. The Clerk has received an invoice from WCC for sewerage charges at the Cricket Pavilion and has made a note to invoice Crawley Cricket Club £330 as per their agreement.
  8. Trees No Report


Carole Phillips advised the PC that she has been asked by Andrew Lowe to nominate the Fox and Hounds pub as an asset important to Crawley village and it was agreed that the Clerk should complete the paperwork required for this.

The preparations for Crawley Fest are well under way, the Clerk is waiting for information from Tim and Tom so the contract can be drawn up.

The Clerk agreed to e-mail all local parishes to see if anyone has a tug of war rope that we can borrow for 30 August?




There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.36pm. The next full meeting is scheduled for 15 September.



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