Crawley Village Parish Council, Hampshire

What’s On & Updates

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday 6th January  in

Crawley Village Hall beginning at 7.30pm


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to All


There is a lot of speculation as to what is happening to the N16 Bus route. Within the Buses Portfolio of the Parish Council I am able to provide the following update based on speaking both to the Council and to existing the Bus Service Providers “Wheelers”.

1) Wheelers have been providing a subsidised contracted bus service to Winchester Council for several years and over many routes. They have decided that they are not in a position to renew the contract which expires on the 04/01/2020.

2) Winchester Council have not reduced their budget for these services and are in the process of putting out to tender for a new company to commit to all the existing routes and their service timetable. This process is expected to take 4 months, ideally if it can be done within the existing budget there will be no changes to services, if it can not, then a review of where savings can be made will be undertaken and this may affect certain routes, there should be more clarity on this at the end of February when the Tenders are submitted.

3) In the Interim Winchester Council is committed to upholding the existing services as best as they are able and will be launching a temporary replacement service for three months from the end of the Wheeler Contract.

To get updated information regarding this and timetables you should visit the winchester council preferred travel website at details of the replacement service will become officially available from tomorrow. You may also wish to lobby your MP when voted in to show that you wish this service to continue, the more supporting this the better as Crawley Village stop is an underused route.

After five years Tim Anderson has stepped down from the Parish Council. We will miss Tim’s immense enthusiasm and he leaves with our sincere thanks.
If you are interested in joining the Parish Council, please contact Peter or the clerk. Details for each are at the end of this newsletter.

Notice of casual vacancy – Tim Anderson

Our thanks go to all those that helped at the village tidy morning in October. The next event is the village litter pick on Saturday 15th February. Please join us if you can and it would be great to see some new helpers. It makes a great difference.


The Gateways Licence application has been reopened after a review of the design and sizing of the structures. The next stage of the gateway process that has begun is to apply for a formal contractor’s licence as required by Hampshire Highways to execute the works. Final commitment to the funding for the gates will need to now be made and then we will look to schedule the construction and installation. We would expect this to happen within 2020.

Following approval from Winchester City Council three willow trees at the pond have been pollarded for safety reasons. We expect these to grow back quickly.
Tim Duncan Smith, who had been involved with pond projects alongside Tim Anderson for several years, has kindly taken on the role of Pond Warden.
Cllrs Deehan and Fratter have temporarily taken on the duties of the Tree Warden.

The Village Design Statement Group has now completed a draft document. This is to be discussed with Winchester City Council and a date finalised for a village consultation.