Crawley Village Parish Council, Hampshire

What’s On & Updates


The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Monday 17th September at 7.30pm at Crawley Village Hall. 


Data from the traffic surveys undertaken in the village over the summer of 2017 have been analysed to see where and at what times the areas of greatest speed impact are in the village.  This information has been shared with our local Police who will be making their own observations and deciding if on the spot enforcement is required.  The main areas where traffic speeds are exceeded on a regular basis and could pose a threat to pedestrian and vehicle traffic are along the Littleton Road in both directions between the 30mph sign and Pond, to and from the A272 at the village 30mph sign, incoming and exiting traffic between Arqiva and the St Mary’s Church.


The Parish Council held a meeting with the owners and the building contractors to address concerns raised due to impact to residents.   Ongoing weekly meetings are also in place to discuss any major impact or obstructions due to be scheduled and are proving helpful in updating residents.

The building contractors have responded well to concerns raised and are actioning.  There has been a decrease in trade traffic as they are now making good use of offsite parking at the Gospel Hall.  Also, a dedicated Banksman is on site dealing with parking issues and deliveries.

Going forward hopefully the impact will remain as is and not worsen in the final stages as there will be more trades to site.  The situation is being monitored by the Parish Council, the owners and the building contractors.


The final locations of the village gateways are near completion.  The locations have been organised within the framework given by Highways and in consultation with those immediately impacted.  Highways have historically approved projects with simple white painted wooden gateway styles and a similar approach is being submitted to increase the chances of approval.  Once the application has been submitted it will be available to view and will include locations and images on the Parish Council Website in the Traffic Section.


Whilst updating photographs for the Crawley Village Design Statement the Parish Council arranged for a set of Aerial photographs to be taken by Drone for a nominal fee. The Company who undertook the work have very kindly said we can publish these photos unwatermarked for the village to download for free. For more information please go to the Village Design Statement page.